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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Surgery Consult, pt I

Thursday was Baby I's surgery consult. Normally, we go to the Children's Hospital in the mornings for her Synagis so there is no problem with parking. Her surgery consult, however, was in the afternoon and we just kept going up and up and up and up in the parking garage. The fourteenth floor was the top and we finally found a parking spot. I was out of the car helping guide him in and he finally gets the van parked......and he can't open his door because of a cement column LOL So out he pulls and manages to turn the van around (very very narrow lanes and parking spots) and pull in the other way so he can get out.

We head inside and go to registration and sign in. And wait. And wait. And wait. No one is there, we are the only ones on the list, no one seems to know where the registration people are or where to find them and we just "need to be patient." Good thing I am a stickler for being early whenever we have an appointment at the Hospital. The registration lady finally comes back and tells us we don't need to register (despite the instructions telling us to register when we got the confirmation message) but actually just need to grab a pass from the front desk (that no one ever asks for or looks at so what was the point?).

Up to Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery we go where the check us in and send us over to the Cardiology department. Where we wait. And wait. And wait. They let us know they are running late but the surgeon we are meeting with after the echo got pulled into surgery today so he is late, too, so no big deal, I guess :p Baby I had fun watching people :)

They get a weight check on her and she has eked out a few more ounces! Yay! Up to thirteen five :D She puts on a tiny tiny hospital gown--I didn't even know they made them that small. It was so cute but my husband refused to take a picture of her in it. He says he doesn't want reminders of this time. I think that some day, she may want to know about the scar on her chest and she might want to know these little details and pictures. And a picture of her smiling and looking cute in a little yellow gown isn't so bad :) I took a few with my phone but she was having such an active day they are a bit blurry and some have parts of her head cut off because she was bouncing around :p If I think about it, I'll edit once I am on my computer and upload the best of them here :)

So now its time to do some more waiting in the back hallway of the cardiology department until an echo room opens up. It seemed to take forever but that may have just been because the chairs were really uncomfortable and Baby I decided she needed to nurse RIGHT NOW. Nothing like nursing thirteen pounds of wiggle worm on an uncomfortable chair ;)

We finally make it into an echo room. At first, Baby I reacts as she does to all of her echoes--she is happy and smiley and there is a little leg kicking and some grabbing of the wand and attempts to chew on the tech's fingers. And then she decides she has had enough and oh, the crying and the squirming and the tiny impotent fury. The next hour saw us trying everything we could think of to keep her calm and still long enough for the tech to get a few pics--cooling her down with damp cloths, playing a musical/lighted toy, letting her chomp on my finger, holding her. patting her, stopping to nurse, stopping to cuddle, breaking out the toy again, trying a cartoon on the tv, singing to her, etc etc. Fun times. Eventually, between the tech and one of the cardiologists, they got what they needed and we headed back to the surgery department.

To be continued......