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Thursday, June 14, 2012

9 Month Well Child Check

I was so dreading this visit :p I dread all dr's visits now--always expecting bad news..... But things were fine. Iz is up to 17 pounds 1.4 ounces, she has hit all the milestones the ped was looking for, her lungs and heart sound good and there is still no murmur (yay!) so the ped thinks that there is no leakage around the patch :) Or at least if there is, it is minor enough not to sound like anything ;)

While we were there, she also checked out my Busy Little B's ears, again. He has not been able to pass the hearing test through Early Intervention and they have tried once a month for a while now. At first we thought it may have been due to the ear infection he had the month before his first hearing test but the next month, he still failed. Last month I took him to the ped, she checked him out and made sure his ears were all clear and EI did the hearing test again. Failed. So the ped is referring him to the Children's Hospital to get a more in-depth hearing test.

I have mixed feelings about this. Not that I don't want him to get his hearing checked--I do! If there is a problem, I want to know so we can treat it (and if there isn't, I also want to know so I don't have to worry about it). But going to the Children's Hospital makes me nervous, anxious, a little scared. Its completely irrational, I know. After all, they gave Iz back her quality of life. They fixed her. She is doing so great and is happy and growing and awesome. But the CH is also filled with tears and fear and panic and very dark moments. At the moment, the dark places are winning. Keep reminding me of all the good there is, too, so when it comes time to take B I won't be a basket case ;0)

I should have charged the laptop earlier--I have some nice photos of the kids from our walk today that I would like to post. Perhaps I will have time tomorrow if I can convince the kidlets to both nap at the same time (which happens almost never). Last day of school for S! Summertime has arrived :D