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Friday, June 8, 2012

What a difference a day makes......

Just about two weeks ago, EI came out to do another evaluation on Iz. She scored about 4 or 5 months in most gross and fine motor skills. She couldn't sit up, she couldn't crawl, she had a very weak unsteady grasp. We filled out the paperwork and set up an appointment with the physical therapist for an eval. Within a few days, she learned how to put herself into a sitting position (tripod). Few days later, she was able to lift her arms up for short periods and hold herself steady. She started trying to crawl and fell a lot ;)

On Wednesday, we were at the school touring the preschool class B will be in next fall--the physical therapist was there and asked if it was ok to evaluate Iz then instead of waiting for Friday (today). Iz crawled! Very first time making it more than a pace or two without falling over :p She took off across the room :) PT cleared her as being "age appropriate"--that girl of mine was determined to get caught up as quickly as possible. On Thursday, just one day after figuring out this craawling thing, I caught her standing up. She was hanging on for dear life but she was up and dancing to the music ;)

She may have been taking a break while she was waiting for surgery but now watch out, world, Baby I is ready to do it all =)