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Saturday, June 9, 2012

So much to be proud of.....

The past couple of days, my little kidlets have given me so much to be proud of :)

I think Iz's accomplishments go without saying ;) Catching up physically, always trying new things, being so excited to learn new skills, learning how to wave and say "bye-bye", having opinions about things, growing and growing and growing :)

B had an awesome day on Wednesday--I mentioned last post that we toured his preschool for next fall :) We got to meet his teacher and spend some time in the classroom and meet some of the students who will return next fall (and some who are graduating and moving on to kinder). He was very very shy at first but he wanted to participate so bad :) Since PT was evaluating Iz, I was free to hold his hand and walk with him as he tried out the obstacle course in the gym with the other students. He had fun and soon forgot that he needed me and did it all on his own ;) One thing he has struggled with during playgroup is circle time--he doesn't want to sit, doesn't want to participate, he just wants to do his own thing. He did awesome at preschool! He insisted on sitting next to me but he did sit and he sort of participated when he thought no one was looking ;) He tried to get up once or twice when other students did but for the most part he did great. I can't wait to see how he responds to speech therapy next year while he is at preschool :)

S has been having a great few months--ever since his IEP was put in place, he has been on green every day, he is getting assignments and homework done, he reads so much better, and his academic progress is better and better. He had a field trip to the zoo yesterday and my cousin took him--the last time she took him to the zoo, they had to leave early because he was throwing tantrums and not listening. Yesterday, they had a great day--he listened, he obeyed, he had fun :) The "sensory diet" the occupational therapist recommended really makes a big difference in his ability to calm himself.

We have our rough patches but overall, life is grand :)