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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swingset cruising

Any chance Iz gets, she is standing.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that just a short time ago she couldn't do anything and now here she is, trying every day to stand up and walk.  She crawled to the swingset today, pulled herself up and was cruising along the crossbeams :p  She has been trying to stand up without holding onto anything, too, but she just manages to do some downward dog yoga poses and then tips over :p

S is enjoying his time off school--there has been a whole lot of playing outside and video games with Grandpa and listening to mom read :p  In a few weeks he starts his summer program at school--he got a scholarship to go to a summer day camp at his school.  Half fun camp stuff, half school-type stuff to help him retain what he learned last year and maybe even get a little further ahead.  It took nearly the entire school year to get his IEP in place and he missed a lot of learning during that time. I still can hardly believe what a huge difference the IEP made for him--when it was put into place, he stopped getting in trouble at school and he started doing well academically; his line graph for skills in all tracked subjects just went steadily up and either reached grade level or nearly grade level. Putting his IEP in place at home made homework so much less painful :p  Next year will be so much better!

And if I can get this to work, here is a bonus video :p