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Friday, June 22, 2012

Our first CH visit

Today was our first visit to the Children's Hospital since Iz was released two months ago.  It was....stressful.  But it wasn't too bad and we made it through ;-)  We were there for this little guy:

His exam with the ENT showed that his ear drums do not move as much as they should--he has some fluid built up back there that the ped couldn't see.  He has a script for the next month to see if they can dry it up and if it is still there, we may need to consider tubes because they don't want fluid sitting there all the time muffling his hearing.  But he wants more failed hearing tests before we think about that (not that he wants more failed tests but you know what I mean :p).  We did a hearing test in the booth and his results were not within the normal range but the tech wasn't positive if it was hearing loss or "I don't want to."  We go back in one month to see how the fluid situation is and to try another hearing test.  If he still doesn't get a passing score on the hearing test, we will be set up to do a sedated probe hearing test and go from there.  If all goes well, his muffled hearing can be managed with meds until he outgrows it :)