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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Being cute is exhausting.....

I'll get to the post title in a moment--I wanted to start the post of with my crazy instead of ending with it ;)

Today, I feel sick.  That deep gnawing feeling of dread that tumbles around, over and over.  I shouldn't, in reality there is no reason for anxiety this swift or fierce.  I got a call from the Children's Hospital to set up an appointment for B with the ENT.  It is on a different floor from cardio or surgery or the PICU.  We will go no where near any of the areas associated with Izzy's surgery or pre-op or hospital stay.  And yet I am feeling such anxiety, much worse than I expected when I first learned B was being referred there, all over simply being in the same building.  I have the crazy.  It isn't as though only bad things happened there--when I walked out of the hospital with Iz in my arms, she was recovering and better.  She was more energetic, even with her new scars and pains and medications.  She was breathing better, her heart was working better, she was better.  And yet the days of fear and stress and tears override that moment and I dread going back for the first time.  It will be fine.  Each time will get easier.  Right?

Now onward to the cute!  Today was the last day of Vacation Bible School--only S is going this year (last year, too) because VBS starts at four years old and B just turned three.  Poor B, though--he loves Sunday School and every day at check-in he asks for his arm band so he can join in and we have to tell him no.

Iz was in fine form this morning and apparently just having people come up and tell you you are cute is exhausting.  Perhaps her smiling and bobbing around to get the people to ooh and aah over her even more had something to do with it :)  When we got home, she was soon passed out:

Being Cute is Exhausting

Because it was the last day of VBS, there was a family picnic in the evening.  Last day is also water slide day--they make a huge water slide down a hill behind the church for the kids during VBS and for everyone during the picnic.  As soon as we were done eating, S was off and spent his time standing in line, sliding down, standing in line, sliding down, as many times as he could until it was time to go :)  It was very hot out so I was trying to keep Iz in the shade so we didn't make the trek out to the water slide to get pictures :/  

B is still too young to go down the water slide (its big and steep) but there was fun to be had for him as well!  He went in a bouncy house for the second time in his short life ;)  The first time we took him to a bouncy house, he was too scared to go in--by the time he worked up the courage, it was time to go.  Tonight, however, he had no fear, climbed right in and had a blast.

Bouncy Fun

By the time we got home, I had three hot and sweaty kids (Iz worked up a sweat being cute, of course).  Before bath time, I tried to snap a few shots of Iz for the plain and simple fact that her outfit got so many comments tonight LOL  Thought I should document it.  I got a lot of very blurry pics of her trying to stand on the chair, trying to roll onto her stomach, trying to jump up and down.  You get the picture.  The best two of the bunch:
Can't stop moving
After splashing up a storm for Iz, some Thomas the Tank bath toy play for B, and a bubble bath for S, all fell asleep rather quickly and the house is quiet.  Perhaps Iz is even tired enough to sleep soundly and we won't be woken by any nightmares tonight :)