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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A new favorite?

Many years ago, I had a cucumber and tomato salad at my in-law's house.  It is super simple, just diced cucumber and tomato tossed with a little salt and lemon juice.  Very light and refreshing and the little bit of salt and lemon (sometimes I mix in a little lime juice, too) really brings out some delicious flavor.  Last night was the first time Iz had it and I do believe we have a new favorite.  She just kept pointing to her plate and demanding "MORE" LOL  I was starting to think she would never stop eating and I am pretty sure the only reason she did was because she wanted the bath we promised her ;)

One of the only veggies B will voluntarily eat every time is cucumber so I was sure this would be a hit with him.  But the cucumbers were not sliced and the tomatoes weren't grape or cherry tomatoes so he didn't want anything to do with it :p  But our rule is he must take at least one bite to see if he likes it so he very very reluctantly took a bite......and then couldn't stop eating it.  heh.  He has had it many times but not recently so I guess he forgot it was a favorite :p