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Monday, May 6, 2013

Learning From Her Brothers

Most of the time, tv is a reward after things are done.  Once S comes home from school, he can't have screen time until homework and reading are done and then he gets one cartoon or a video game or computer time until dinner (usually just a half hour or less).  After dinner, he has chores and if he is done by the time I'm done putting B to bed, we watch Leave It To Beaver together and read a chapter of his book before he goes to bed.

B is also old enough that he has a few little chores to do after school and then he gets a cartoon before we leave to pick up S.

This morning, Iz was pointing at the tv and demanding ON!  I jokingly tell her that I'll turn it on if she does her chores and puts away the sofa pillows she threw on the floor.  Wouldn't you know, she went around and put them all away and then sat there beaming at me until I put on Super Why.  She doesn't normally pay attention to the tv, just stops to dance and sing if music comes on, but she has a little cold so she actually watched the entire episode.  She laughed, she clapped along, she repeated the major words and letters.  She had fun.  And then she took a nap lol.