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Monday, May 13, 2013

Trying out Sandals

Hi Mom!
Checking out the tic-tac-toe game
Tentative walking
Not so long ago, we actually had a day warm enough to be outside with no coat and Iz got to try out some sandals :)  She wasn't so sure what she thought of them at first LOL  They were B's sandals and a bit snug (her feet are much wider/taller than the boys ever were) but she liked the no sock thing :)  She has her own little pair, too, but they were still in winter storage and they are a bit wider so a much better fit.  Her feet have slimmed down a lot in the past few months so those little brown sandals may still hit the rotation this summer.  She ran all around the deck and then went with me to the end of the driveway to pick up B from the bus :)  She had tons of fun--it is amazing how much the little tiny things we see as inconsequential can really make the day of a toddler!

Making a run for it

Dancing :)