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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Swim Lessons

I think out of all three of the kids, my busy little B is the one who most enjoys his swim lessons.  He is (most of the time) very eager to participate and will volunteer for everything.  He is fearless when it comes to jumping in and will get up and move down the line to try to sneak in an extra jump when the instructors are having everyone jump in one at a time :p  He is so enthusiastic about everything that they usually give him extra turns ;-)  And when he is waiting his turn "hanging onto the wall", he usually is practicing his skills. 
Practicing his kicks under water

Sometimes, he gets overwhelmed by all the kids and noise and instructions and chaos.  Poor little bub completely shuts down and ends up missing most of the lesson :\  He will just put his arms up on the side of the pool and put his head down and just doesn't respond to anything.  He just hangs there, head buried in arms, still and silent.  His instructors are great, though.  When it happened the first time, we talked about how when it happens, I check in with him but just let him be and once he pulls himself together, he will pop  up and act as though nothing has happened.  So when he gets overwhelmed, they will offer him the chance to rejoin the group whenever it is his turn and will leave him be if he is not ready.  Eventually, his little head will pop up and he will start volunteering to be first for everything.  One of the instructors usually gives him a little extra attention so he can practice everything he missed out on real quick while the second instructor is putting the other kids through their paces.  I really like the system they have going of two instructors because there is usually at least one kid struggling in some way and when the kid is comfortable enough to try something, they can give them that attention.  In another year, though, he will be out of the preschool class and the system changes and if you don't participate, you don't get a makeup session later.  He hasn't had a shut down at swim in a while so maybe by the time the Polliwog lessons begin, he will be okay :)

Looking for us so he can say "hi"