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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bird

At our local Zoo, there is this rather large gray bird who lives in the last room of the Bird House.  I am not sure what kind of bird he is since I always forget to check out the sign but he appears to be a ground bird as I have never seen him up in the trees, always running about down on the floor of the enclosure.  He is loud and has a very distinctive "rawk!" that he belts out every single time he sees our little Izzy-bug.  She LOVES this bird so so so much :)  She can't wait to go into this room and run over to the enclosure to see "her" birdie and she rawks back at him and they have a good talk.

There are some new birds in the enclosure and so the windows are all painted a translucent white--you can still see the birds but the white ensures the new ones know the window is there.  There are several areas where the paint has been wiped off so you can get a clear look at the birds and Iz and the bird both made a beeline for a clear patch so they could stare at each other :)  He is a little hard to see in this picture because of the paint but he is the big gray thing to her left.  I really need to remember to check his sign and get a good picture of him :) 
Iz and her bird