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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fun Times at the Park

There is a park not too far away that has an old railway car that the kids can climb up on and look through the windows.  My boys love to get up there and pretend they are railway conductors.

S climbing up to go to "work"

Checking the equipment
Calling the passengers, "All Aboard!"

Once S climbed down (and ran off to the front of the car to do it all over again there), B climbed up for his ritual--first thing he has to do every time is knock on the door and see if anyone is home:
Anyone home? 

This was Iz's first time at the railway car and she wasted no time letting me know that she could do it herself.  She was irritated that I hovered but she climbed up on her own!

It was a stretch but she made it
Once she got both feet up, it was easier

She was so proud of herself when she made it to the top.  She clapped and told herself "yay!"  Then she looked down and went "WOAH!"  Ha!


Of course, now that she was up, I had to hold her hand and help her down because both her brothers had run off to the front of the car and she could not be left behind!  So up she climbed again and had to check out the ground before playing for a bit with B.

Next came some time at the play scape (a big wooden one with lots of bridges and tunnels and spires and fun things) but I have no pictures--she kept me on my toes chasing her around ;)