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Saturday, May 13, 2017

It was a beautiful day!

We finally had some gorgeous weather so I told the kids if they got all their chores done, we'd go to the zoo.  Guess who got their chores done?

Before we moved, we were about an hour drive from the local zoo so whenever we went, we planned to stay there for hours and see as much zoo as we could because it would be a while before we came back.  So we would either bring food/drink  or occasionally get something there.  Now, though, we are just a few minutes away so we can stop in whenever we want, even if its just half an hour to walk about a bit.  The kids are still in "must be there all day" mode and they asked me so many times for snacks and drinks I finally told them that if one more person asks me to buy them something, I was taking them all home :p  If they are so hungry and thirsty that they just have to have something right now (even though we had eaten lunch right before we left and had been all of an hour since we'd arrived), we can just go home and have a snack and end our trip for the day.  Yeah, they suddenly were no longer hungry, we spent another thirty minutes at the zoo and then another thirty at the natural history museum, and then headed for home because they were closing :p  We have a yearly pass so the zoo and museum can be free and fun things to do--kinda defeats the purpose if I'm spending a ton on stuff while there!