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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The return of walks and parks!

We were starting to think it would never happen but the weather has finally decided to behave a bit and we are getting in walks and playtime at the park again :)  This years school schedule makes it a bit harder because S gets home so much later than he used to but the crockpot helps with that ;)  I tossed in the ingredients for cheesy sausage and potato soup after lunch and then when S finally came home, we headed off for a long walk with Mia and then a little park time before heading home again.

The kids wanted to stay forever but it is still a school night ;)  We headed home and they did their chores super fast while I added the last few ingredients to the soup and then we sat down to eat.  Baby W isn't very good with his spoon  yet so we've been trying to give him more opportunities to try.  This soup is more like gravy than broth so its a good one to practice with :)

We stripped him down to just a diaper thinking he'd get pretty messy but he stayed surprisingly clean!  He was trying so hard to use his spoon and not mess up but he did eventually resort to fingers and drinking from the bowl ;)

I was worried that we had stayed too long at the park and wouldn't get to bed on time but dinner, meds, and bath were all finished on time and everyone fell asleep fairly quickly