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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The "new" slide is a hit!

Last summer Mr. Piper built the kids a playscape out of reclaimed materials.  Wood being thrown out, metal being scrapped (he is a welder so he took the scrap metal and cut/welded them into brackets), etc.  For the longest time, it has been just the platform and a couple swings because the slide we had taken from our old swingset disappeared somewhere along the way and we've been keeping an eye out for  a free (or cheap) replacement.  Mr. Piper finally find someone selling just the slide and hardware instead of an entire used swingset and so now the kids have a slide and as soon as he adds onto the existing swingset, more swings and accessories.  Its been up for about a week now and they love it so much--even W goes down it whenever he can :)