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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Let's take physical therapy outside!

The wind was a bit chilly today but overall it was pretty nice so we were outside this morning playing.  I had intended to bring W inside before the physical therapist showed up to get him ready but she came early and we just stayed out for therapy.  He LOVED it.  They played on the swingset and slide, she had toys to ride on outside (he doesn't even like to go near the ride on toys in the house but he climbed right on and pushed himself around on the patio), they did a balance beam (piece of wooden board flat on the ground :p).  He had fun and was much more cooperative than he's ever been so we are going to meet at a local park next week.  If the weather is iffy, that particular park has an indoor nature area we can visit instead and Miss C says there are activities and things he can do to get his PT in.  Once all the kids are out of school, we will meet at parks whenever we can so they will all have something to do while he does his PT.

After picking Iz up at school, we went to her PT as well and she is doing awesome :)  She's not quite there yet, still working on tone and muscle control, but she has made so much improvement and is trying so hard!