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Monday, May 1, 2017

Speech day!

Speech day started out with some chores around the house to get everything that wasn't finished the night before tidied up.  I had the world's cutest helper:

Unfortunately, cute doesn't always translate into useful and he created about eleventy bajillion extra jobs for me to do as he wandered around unloading the recycling bin onto my floor, dumping out toys, scattering shoes about my house, and so on ;)

It was one of those days where the SLP was arriving later than normal so we had to go pick Iz up at preschool first.  I kept them outside to play so they wouldn't mess up the house before the SLP arrived LOL

It was an okay session--it is harder when Iz is there because she wants the SLP's attention on herself or she wants to "help" W (IE: do it all for him).  She and I have been working on using her words more instead of having a meltdown so she was able to ask the SLP to play with whatever W was doing after he was done and when the SLP let her, it helped to make the session go more smoothly.

After B got home to school, we took him to his speech therapy at the therapy center but his session did not go as well :\  He was upset and so refused to speak and we ended up going home early--he cried most of the way home because he decided (too late) that he really did want to spend some time with Miss A :(