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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Time for physical therapy!

It is almost time for the meeting to re-evaluate progress and goals so we spent some time talking about what I'd like the updated goals to be.  I kinda hate this question because I've learned that those "normal" things with my other kids weren't so normal after all so I have NO IDEA where W should be or what he should be able to do.  Its really hard for me to pinpoint a goal when I don't know what he should be able to do at this age :p  And I've been telling all the therapists that and they still want to know what I want to work on.  Um, how about whatever you say we should work on?  :P

She's been trying to get W to stand on one leg to work on balance but he doesn't really want to so today she brought a ball and we worked on getting him to kick it.  He always wants to grab it with his hands so I held them and that made him use his feet.  His kick is more of a teensy tiny flick of his foot rather than a full on kick but its a start!

In the afternoon, Miss Iz had her physical therapy and her PT told her how awesome she's doing--she is picking up on her exercises pretty fast and making some good progress :)