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Monday, May 15, 2017

Let's try speech again, shall we?

Baby W had his first session with the educator today, Miss S.  They played with toys and it was basically a get to know you session.  One of the downsides to having multiple therapies is the fact that there is often toy crossover :p  Miss S was trying to get W to play with a toy she brought and he kept arguing on how to do things--he wanted to do it the way he'd done it the last time he played with the toy but Miss S was asking him to do it a different way. He was so frustrated so I told her how he'd played with it before and why (working on crossing the midline and he was frustrated putting the shapes in the shaped holes because his control isn't as good when he crosses the midline so Miss M had him putting toys in the "exit" hole) and Miss S was able to switch tactics and get him to do a mix of "her" way and "his" way and that made him happy.

After the Busy Little B came home, off we went to speech.  You may remember last week was a bit of a disaster--the session ended early because he wasn't participating and then he cried all the way home (and was sick the next day!).  This session was so much better.  He was excited to see Miss A and tell her all about his birthday--they had a birthday snack together and played games and he had a great time with her :)