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Monday, February 6, 2012

Another busy week

It seems like many of Baby I's appointments get grouped all in the same week so we are constantly running about and then the next week we just have her weekly weight check and that's it :p This week is only three appointments, though, so that isn't too bad :)

First appointment of the week was this morning at the Children's Hospital in the City to get the next round of Synagis. The wonderful IBCLC we work with now and then suggested we trying nursing through the shot to see if that helped her pain levels so we gave it a shot555 today. It took Baby I a few moments to realize she was getting a shot so it was just about done before she started crying and she cried for less than a minute and then went back to eating. YAY! Much better than last time! I am hoping the nursing helped and it wasn't just a fluke so we can get similar results next month. She was so miserable and upset over the shot last month that it was a relief that she took it so much better this time. Still hard to see her upset and hurting, even if it was to a lesser degree :\

This afternoon brought an emergency trip to the pediatrician's office (so I guess you could say we have four appointments this week?). Baby I had a very slight cough over the weekend, probably the same virus that made her brothers (and me) sick. I had thought she was going to escape it before the little cough started but, alas, no. The little cough turned into a wet congested cough by last night and just continued to get worse over the course of the day. By mid-afternoon, poor little dear would cough, gag, throw up, and then cry :*( So off we went to see Dr. A. Baby I's lungs are clear, her ears are clear, no signs of infection so Dr A. is thinking its just a regular ole cold made a little more miserable by Baby I's reflux plus the underlying congestion she always has from her heart condition. Poor little mite :( Oh, and at the ped's office, she came in at thirteen pounds even. Which is slightly off because she was wearing her onesie today to keep her warm but the ped says that shouldn't throw it off by more than a few ounces and so she should be hitting her one pound mark at the cardio's office :D Now let's hope the coughing-that-leads-to-vomiting doesn't make her lose some of that precious weight and put her back under a pound for last month's weight gain.....

Wednesday is cardio and we get our next echo to see how her holes and artery are doing.

Friday is one of her home nurses coming to visit.

I have many things I should be doing but I think I might sleep instead :p