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Friday, February 24, 2012

Notes on Baby I:

**We had our weekly weight check today and we have a small gain :) Last week was 12.11.8 and today was 12.15.4 :) So close to 13!
**Teething is kicking our butts. Baby I has been so unhappy, crying and trying to pull her ear off on the left side. The nurse who does her weight checks called the dr in to take a quick look at her ears, just to make sure they were ok. They look good so its just teething. Part of me sorta wishes she did have an ear infection because then she could have some meds to clear it up (like her brothers just went through) and she would feel better. Ah, well, maybe we will finally see that tooth pop through *fingers crossed*
**Baby I's breathing has not been very good. She sounds incredibly congested although there is nothing stopping up her nose--its just the fluid buildup from her heart and lungs. Poor little girl :( However, she has never turned blue that we have seen and she only turns dusky rose when she eats for too long or gets too worked up playing. It could be worse, right?
**She has been sleeping a lot more--she slept most of the day. However, when she is up, she is much more alert and active than she has been. I guess a few periods of alert baby are better than many periods of listless baby :)
**She has been able to eat for longer periods before getting too tired :) Still not as long as she used to eat but better than it was a few days ago.

Baby I has also received a few presents in the mail and I need to get some thank yous going for those :D It really does brighten my day to see how much love there is for her out there!