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Friday, February 10, 2012

The World is a little brighter....

Since we found out that at some point in the near future Baby I will need open heart surgery, I have been focused on some of the clothing items she will need while in the hospital.  On a couple of the online CHD groups I have found, the list is the same--dress baby in long-sleeved button up shirts, a diaper and baby leg warmers and socks.  Button-up shirts because for a while after surgery, you can't lift their arms over their heads to pull on a pullover shirt.  No onesies or pants because they make diaper changes more difficult for baby because of the extra lifting and moving that can cause pain in the incision area.  Long sleeves and leg warmers to keep them warm.  On Wednesday when Dr E told us, I stopped on the way home trying to find these things.  And couldn't find them.  Yes, I am obsessing over the little things rather than thinking about the big things.  Yes, I am completely stressed out over not finding long-sleeved button-up shirts or leg warmers.

But that stress has been partially lifted :)  Several people have offered to send Baby I some hand-me-down baby leg warmers that their children no longer news :)  And in the midst of a situation we wish we never even had to consider, the world is a little brighter, a little more joyous, a little more thankful.  People who have never met Baby I and have only seen pictures will take some time out of their day to send her something to make her stay at the hospital more comfortable. 

Thank you, world, for having such wonderful people :)