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Thursday, February 16, 2012

No weight gain this week.....

Again.  Last week on Monday morning, she was 12 lbs 9 oz at Synagis Clinic.  At her ped's that afternoon, she was 13 lbs even (??).  On Wednesday at cardiology, she was 12 lbs 10 oz.  Friday at the ped's, she was 12 lbs 15.2 oz and today at the ped's, she was 12 lbs 11.8 oz.  So according to some measurements she gained while according to others she lost.  So we are calling it a wash  :p  Nursing has been a struggle for her the last few weeks--it just makes her too tired and she has to rest often during a feed.  And when she does get the energy for a full nursing session, her reflux kicks in and she spits up large amounts of it *sigh* 

Poor Baby I slept most of the day today but she did have some fun this evening playing with Auntie H :)