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Saturday, February 11, 2012

We had a quiet night

On Wednesday, we talked a bit with Dr E about Baby I's reflux.  He thought starting some Zantac would be a good idea to make her comfortable leading up to surgery and during recovery so yesterday we headed in to Dr A's office to get a script as well as to have her cough checked (again).  Lungs are still clear but poor little baby girl just sounds awful :\

Got the script filled for her Zantac and gave her the first dose last night--she hates it even more than the Lasix and Aldactone!  Poor little gal chewed me out for making her take it.  However, it has made me cautiously optimistic since we had a rather quiet night last night.  She still woke up often to nurse (in the last week or so, she just doesn't have the energy for a full nursing session so she eats for a minute or two and then has to rest.  Instead of a feeding taking ten to twenty minutes, it takes about two hours) but there was no crying or restlessness or misery.  And no crying and misery this morning, either.  She is back to being a "happy spitter" instead of a miserable one.  Eating has become so tiring for her that it breaks my heart to see any of it spit back up but at least it isn't hurting her anymore :)  My hope is that this is not a fluke and she continues to be comfortable!