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Friday, February 3, 2012

Six more ounces!

We have been hit by another round of The Sick.  S spent most of the weekend feeling miserable and missed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of school.  At least there was no vomiting this time! Just a regular cold--low-grade fever, chills, aches, congestion, runny nose, sneeze, and cough.  S sure was happy to go back to school today :p  He doesn't even like weekends or vacations because it means he has to be away from Miss B and his friends LOL  He has a really great day in school today :)

B started sniffling two days ago and by this morning, the poor bubs sounded just awful :(  His cough rattled and he was wheezing up a storm :(  I perhaps may be just a wee bit paranoid when it comes to coughs in the kidlets--I am prone to bronchitis and get it several times a year so when I hear rattling coughs, I want a doctor to listen to their lungs :p  Every doc who treats my kids learns this quickly during cold and flu season :p  Thursdays are when we try to do Baby I's weekly weigh-ins so I brought B in so Dr A could have a listen.  His lungs are clear but he has some infection going on in his ear and upper respiratory system--poor guy takes after me:  it develops really quickly and won't go away without a little help.  She prescribed some meds for him to take to clear things up so hopefully he won't feel so bad soon!

Baby I weighed in at 12lbs 9.8oz!  Way to go, little girl!  Last week was 12.3 :)  Fingers crossed that Wednesday's cardiologist appointment sees a few more ounces--Dr E wants her to gain at least a pound a month and we are almost but not quite there.   Dr A is thinking we may need to start thinking about starting Baby I on Zantac for her reflux--poor little thing is starting to experience more and more pain and crying from it and while the cereal did help her keep more food down, she has now decided she absolutely will NOT eat it anymore so we are back to copious amounts of spit-up.  I am going to talk to Dr E about it and make sure Zantac won't interfere with her meds/heart and if he gives the go ahead, we'll talk about it with Dr A.  It would be lovely if we could stop the hour long crying and arching the back and misery sessions :(

Next week will be a busy one:  Synagis on Monday, cardio on Wednesday, and one of the nurses on Friday.  I am REALLY nervous about cardio; we get the next echo.  Have the defects closed any more?   Did that restricted artery grow at all or is it still too small?  Will her blood pressure be OK?  Will her lung function still be in the OK range or is the continuing decline in her breathing a sign that it won't be all right this time around?  Is her little heart keeping up with her body or is it time for surgery?  Part of me wants to avoid surgery, to let her little body heal on its own, to not have to take the risks of open heart surgery.  Part of me just wants my little girl to be able to breath without straining, to play for more than a few minutes without being flushed and sweaty and tired, to nurse without getting dusky and exhausted, to grow normally instead of fighting for each fraction of an ounce.  *sigh*