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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A visit to the ER

The day after we got back from Texas, Iz got sick.  She started throwing up Sunday night and threw up on and off the entire night.  I was taking B in to the pediatrician on Monday to get his staples out so I had her look Iz over at the same time.  At this point, poor Iz had been throwing up for over 12 hours and couldn't keep anything down longer than an hour or so.  The doc said it was just a virus, no big deal, wait it out, and watch for signs of dehydration.  B started throwing up when we got home, too, so I was busy caring for the both of them. Iz spent most of her day in her little "nest" resting.

B started feeling better within a few hours but poor Iz just kept getting worse.  When she spiked a fever above 104 and nothing I did brought it down more than a few fractions of a degree, we headed off to the Children's Hospital ER.  Poor B was ready for bed but instead was watching cartoons in Izzy's ER room.  Honestly, I don't think he minded all that much ;)

When we got there, they had us in triage pretty swiftly, despite the ER being really full.  They don't take a chance with heart babies!  Her fever was still high enough they had me strip her down to her diaper to try and cool her down.  Her heart rate was up in the 180s so we were back in a private ER room fairly quickly and they got her hooked up to the monitors.  Poor little bug was miserable and stretched out on the cool bed to nap.

A dose of Motrin and some IV fluids did wonders for her mood and energy levels! 
Although you can still see her cheeks are flushed from the fever.  But she played for a bit before getting all tuckered out and laying down to watch cartoons with Bryce.  
They got her heart rate stabilized and her fever under control.  Turns out that she had her first ear infection as well as the stomach bug and it was a doozy--massive double ear infection.  Her older brother S had his first ear infection at just under six months old and it was also a massive double ear infection caught by the ER.  He did not have another one for a few years, though, so fingers crossed she is the same way :)  She had some IV antibiotics to start working on those ears and we were free to go home with orders to take her to the pedi the next day to get her next round of antibiotics as a shot.