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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Best Big Brother Around....

While we were in Texas last month, B showed us over and over again what a terrific Big Brother he is becoming.  Sure, they fight often, little tussles over toys and who gets to sit on Mom's lap, but there is also a whole lotta caring going on.  One day, the kids were having a grand time playing at Granny's place and when it was time to go, Iz did NOT want to leave.  There were new things to play with and explore and see and she was not happy about leaving it all behind to get back into the car (which we spent far too much time in driving back and forth between San Antonio and Austin).

B did not like seeing his "bebe" so sad so he reached out to comfort her:  

It took about ten minutes for all the tears to dry up and for her to go back to smiling.  He held her hand the entire time :)