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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My little pilots

And here you thought I was done with the Texas posts!  So did I :p  But S pointed out that I hadn't posted about his favorite moment of the trip so I promised I would write something up :p

On our very last flight, the flight attendant asked the boys if they had ever been in a cockpit.  Neither had so she told them that if it was okay with Mom and Dad, she would ask the pilot if they could go up to visit with him after we landed.  We were all the way at the back of the plane and so were one of the last ones off but the pilot waited patiently for us and invited the boys in to check things out :)  At first B didn't want to but once he saw S disappear through the door, he wanted in, too!  The pictures are mostly of the backs of their heads because I was standing behind them in the little hallway but they love them anyway!

B loved getting to press buttons!

The pilot gave them a quick "tour" of the cockpit and told them a little about flying and which buttons and levers were the most important.  They got to push some buttons and flip some levers and had a great time pretending to be his copilots :D  I think they would have stayed for hours LOL