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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tanglewood Park

One of the best parts of being in Texas was how warm it was!  Between the cold and the wet at home, trips to the park were few and far between so we were determined to do some playing while we had access to warmth and sunshine :)  After a visit with Grandpa, we headed to Tanglewood Park for a little playing.

Iz was quite proud of herself for climbing the steps all by herself:
And then it was time to do a little driving:
Every time she went near the slide, her hair stood up!
This is pretty much the view I had of B the majority of the time--kid was on the go!
S was loving that the swings went so high :p

 Iz decided that she was ready for some solo sliding--she was adamant she did NOT need help :p

The kids were starting to wind down about this time and we were looking forward to a picnic lunch at the park.  I was also looking forward to calling up a dear friend of mine that I have not seen in person in many years to see if she had time to meet up for a little while.  But before any of that happened, I heard one of those cries that tells you your child is seriously hurting--poor B was climbing the little curved bars that he has done a hundred times before and slipped and fell.  They say head wounds bleed a lot but the amount of blood pouring out of that boy was shocking :\  I was using my hands to apply pressure and slow the bleeding and he alternated between screaming, yelling for help, and begging me to let him go back to playing.  Yep, he wanted to go back to playing.  

We took him to the Dell Children's ER and spent the next several hours there getting him checked out and stapled up.
He was still so upset and fought anyone touching his head that they had to give him a sedative to calm him down.  The doctor said most kids do not fall asleep but they get drowsy and calm and it lets them clean the wound and staple it up without having to fight the kid over it.  Wanna guess how many adults it took to hold B down even with the sedative?  Four.  Four full grown strong adults.  Boy did not want those hands anywhere near his head :p  Once it was over, though, he was happy again and they let him keep some of the syringes used for cleaning and sedating (clean ones, not the ones they used on him :p).
By the time they were done, though, that shirt and overalls were goners--covered in blood and soaking wet from the cleaning (they tried to wrap him in a towel but he wasn't having it).  Too bad, too, since it was his T-Rex shirt and dump truck overalls, his favorites :(  Once the staples were in, it was safe to lift the shirt over his head and they got him some clean dry clothes to wear out of there.

Poor little buddy just wasn't feeling great the rest of our trip.  We didn't get to do many of the things we planned because he didn't feel up to them.  We visited with family and he napped at the hotel.  Hopefully next time we can visit with my friend and do museums and parks and hikes!

A few days after we got home, B went to his pediatrician to get the staples out and he went back to being himself :)  I've had staples before and they are uncomfortable so it isn't a surprise that he was cranky and mad and not feeling well until they came out!

His experience, however, has not dampened his enthusiasm for parks and playgrounds ;)