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Monday, April 22, 2013

Admitted :(

On Tuesday, March 19th we were supposed to get Miss Iz an antibiotic shot at her pediatrician's office but unfortunately, they don't do them so back to the Children's Hospital we went.  The ER was very busy again but Iz was much more stable so we waited and waited and waited and waited :p  She was very unhappy with us and the situation in general.  And she was still unable to keep anything down for longer than a few hours :(

They got us back in a curtained off bed and wanted to have a doctor come look her over before they administered the shot since she was still vomiting and a little feverish.  So we waited some more :p 

New surroundings perked her up a little but you could tell she still wasn't feeling well at all :(  The doctor wanted to get some more IV fluids in her because she was still dehydrated despite the fluids the night before in the ER.  Plus the diarrhea had started along with the vomiting but the quantities were little because she just couldn't keep anything down.  She was so mad at me because I only let her nurse for about 30 seconds at a time and then we took a break and then nursed for 30 seconds again.  It was keeping fluids in her longer but she wanted to fill her little belly!  Her tummy couldn't handle it, though, so we kept up little sips and rest.  The nurse brought her some apple juice but even little sips of that proved disastrous and she threw up everything we'd managed to keep down that morning *sigh*  Between the vomiting and the IV placement, she needed some quiet time. 
That didn't last longer, however, and soon she needed some Mommy cuddles and a nap.
The doctor was worried by how long she had been throwing up (almost 48 hours by this point) and sent her for an ultrasound to make sure it wasn't a problem with her intestines (I forget the name but they were checking to see if it had twisted and was blocked).  She looked OK, although some murkiness in her bladder suggested she might have a bladder infection but the urine test came back negative).  They tried giving her zofran but she was still vomiting so after a long long long day in the ER, they admitted her.  

Some more testing revealed she had rota virus.  Our nurse told me this year's strain has been really bad and they have had a lot of kids hospitalized with it.  She received a couple more rounds of IV antibiotics to clear up her ears but there wasn't much they could do for the rota virus other than give her IVs and wait for her to be well enough to go home.

Poor thing did not like being in the hospital at all!  I can't say I blame her--the last time she was hospitalized was for her surgery and that definitely was a traumatic experience.  She regressed quite a bit while we were there and she screamed her head off every time I had to run to the bathroom :\  I spent a lot of time holding her. 

Every time we tried a little food or juice, she started throwing up again.  The only thing she could keep down was breast milk so we gave her tummy a rest and she nursed and had her IV only until Friday the 22nd.  When she woke up, she demanded food :)  While we waited for breakfast, she played some games and listened to some stories. 
When her food arrived, she couldn't wait to dig in--french toast, a banana, and a smoothie.  She only ate about half but she sure did enjoy it!

The best part, though, is the fact that she kept it down and felt good enough to finally go home!