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Monday, April 15, 2013


Iz was born with more hair than both the boys combined.  It still wasn't tons of hair but it was a lot for us and it was dark and gorgeous.  We had visions of long hair and curls before her first birthday.  Life, however, had other plans and for a long time, her hair did not grow and most of it fell out.  I guess her body was too busy dealing with her heart to worry about hair :p

At 19 months old, though, her hair finally brushes her collar and we had to buy her some detangler :)  She has inherited my fine hair and it tangles if you look at her wrong.  I remember needing detangler when I was a kid, too.  It may be a strange milestone but I'm celebrating it anyway!  Why, you may ask?  Because it is so very normal.  So many of our little celebrations revolve around her heart and health and needing detangler does not and that feels great :)

Friday is April 19th, Izzy's one year surgery anniversary!  Hard to believe it has been a whole year--it is amazing how far she's come :)