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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I was worried that with all the sickness going through our house that Easter would find us sick and at home but we all woke healthy!  So we got all dressed up and headed off to church :)  On Easter morning, there was also a breakfast and the kids enjoy that because it usually means there will be donuts ;)  B was so excited about his donut but once we were at the table, he would not touch it until he ate all his fruit.  Izzy did not have time for donuts because there were eggs to eat!  And cheese and turkey cubes.  This girl loves her eggs and cheese and I believe one of her brothers polished off the donut she had taken one bite of while waiting for her eggs.

After services, it was time for egg hunts!  The Littles had theirs first and I'm afraid I have no pictures :(  They were too excited to hold still and we spent the time chasing after them.  I didn't think Iz would really participate but after watching to see what was happening for a few moments, she was ready and had great fun hunting down those eggs :)

Once the Littles had their hunt, it was time for the bigger grades.  B wanted to come out and watch S hunt--we stood at the wooden rail fence that goes around the playground and watched.  B really wanted an egg so one of the volunteers told him he could have one.  Now, the Littles hunt was held on the patio and an area with decorative rocks so the recent rain really didn't affect their area.  But the playground is covered in mulch and so it was a bit wet and muddy and when the volunteer picked up an egg to hand to B, it was a little dirty.  He looked at the dirt and told her, UH-UH, IT DIRRY.  Ha!  Trust my kid to turn down a candy filled egg because it had a little dirt on it.  She was kind enough to wait until he couldn't see her to have a laugh over it.  S, however, did not mind a little dirt and had fun trying to find the well-hidden eggs (often walking right past the ones out in the open--he wanted a challenge!).

I tried to get some nice pictures of the kids once we got home but those boys of mine never hold still :p 

 I managed to get a few non-blurry photos of the boys.  Iz was all tuckered out and laid down on the sofa so it was easy to get a few shots of her :p

 Grandma asked if she could put together the Easter baskets this year so everything was a big surprise this time around!  The thing that had B the most excited was the lamb in his basket--he saw it and yelled SHEEP!!!!!!!!!! 

 Iz sat up to see what was going on and once she saw there were presents, she was ready to be awake ;)

 B, generous soul that he is, told me I could have his brother's Easter bunny ;)