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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Friday will be 1 year post-op!

I ordered Izzy's cake for Friday--it is her one year anniversary for her open heart surgery.  I've been conflicted for a while now on whether or not to make a big deal.  Do we treat it like any other day? Throw a party? Do I curl in a ball and cry because it was such an awful terrible day? Do we celebrate because it was also the best most fantastic day, the day she got her life back?

Whatever the emotions surrounding April 19th, one thing is irrefutable:  Iz SURVIVED.  She is a Heart Warrior,  a Heart Hero, a proud and vivacious member of the zipper club.  So we will celebrate :)
Her cake is going to be heart-shaped with a heart patch "stitched" on.  Can't wait to see it! S is excited to celebrate and is wanting to decorate, too, so I think we will hit up the dollar store soon so he can pick some "party stuff" out.  It is just us and my parents so nothing big or fancy but a nice dinner of some of her favorites and a cake and some decorations seems like a good way to celebrate :)  And there will be chocolate cake so Iz will be happy ;)