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Monday, June 10, 2013

Better Late Than Never......

Last month, our busy little B had a birthday!  Four years old :)  His celebration started the night before because he wanted to take a special treat to school to celebrate with his friends.  It took a while to decide what to bring and in the end we made Juice Box Monsters (rawr!).  We used his favorite juice boxes for the body, mini raisin box feet, a sucker head with a smilie face sticker, and pipe cleaner arms holding a treat bag with stickers and a pencil and an eraser.  He had a great time making them!

After school and work, the family gathered to open presents and eat cake :)  B's current obsession is fire engines so we did a fire engine cake and he LOVED it.  He insisted that his piece of cake had to be part of the truck.

I'm not sure who is more excited-B or S!

After cake and presents, we went to do something B has been talking about for months--Chuck E Cheese!  We played many many games but there were two things in particular B really loved and did over and over again.  First was this roller coaster ride--you sit and the seat moves and shakes while you watch a video.  His favorite video is of a squirrel (I think it was a squirrel anyway) wearing a jet pack and zooming around the city.  This boy will sit in that thing and "ride" for hours :p  Iz had to get in on the action, too, and B was a very good big brother and made sure she wore her seat belt :D

His second favorite was one of the cars.  He liked to hang out with the driver and chat ;)