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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


One of B's birthday presents was a hooded beach towel with a pirate theme to use for his swim lessons--it is great for little ones!  The hood helps him keep it on while we are going from pool to shower and he loves pretending he is a pirate :)

We decided to get one for Iz as well and when we got there, I showed her the different towels.  Out of a monkey, pirates, and brightly colored flowers, she chose the monkey.  She hugged it and petted it and was so happy about her monkey towel.  And then I spotted one more design.  I thought about not showing it to her since she was so attached to her monkey towel but then I decided to give her a chance to look at it.  I held out a shark towel and the instant she spotted it, she tossed that monkey in the back of the cart, reached out and screeched "SHAR!!!!!!"  It was love at first sight and I am pretty sure she never thought about that monkey again :p

Sharkie:  pet, towel, friend.