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Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet Houdini

A little over a week ago, the kids picked out a frog for our aquarium. It was very serious business and there was much debate on who should be our new pet. They finally decided on a pink fellow and we brought him home.  They loved watching him and found it especially exciting when he swam around.
And then he disappeared. We had only had him a few days but when we got up and the kids ran to the tank to check on him, he was no where to be found. We figured he was hiding. Hours passed and still no sign of him.  I broke out the net and lifted up all the decorations and caves but, nope, no frog.  Checked to see if he got in the filter. Nope. Checked to see if he climbed out and was on the table. Nope. Floor? Nope. Under the sofa? Nope
After several days, we figured he must have climbed out and the cat ate him because we saw no sign of him.  He's a water frog, not meant to be out for long.  We didn't have any hope of him being alive. The kids were very sad :(
This morning, we flip on the light to feed the fish and guess who we find swimming about?  Our AWOL frog.  Houdini seems like a good name for our little escape artist ;-)