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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Reading

One of the (many) things I love about S's school is their summer reading program.  The kids are asked to pick out several books that interest them--the teachers make sure the books are at the appropriate reading levels, usually a few books that are "easy" for the kids to read, a few that are the next level up, and usually at least one "challenging" book.  Because the kids chose them, they are usually invested in reading them.  Each kid is giving a nice little bag to carry their books in and after each one is read several times, you fill out a postcard to send to the school about the book.

S's last day of school was Friday and he has already read one of the books to me a couple times and filled out his postcard and mailed it off.  The summer is getting off to a quick start ;)  We pick a new book out today and will get to work on the next postcard :)

Another bonus to the school's program is that it also counts toward his page/book count for the library's summer program.  We need to head into our local branch this week and get him signed up.  In previous years he hasn't really participated but his reading has improved and he has actually started enjoying reading.  He still prefers to be read to because he likes the books and stories above his reading level more but he is more willing to read the simpler books for practice than he was even just a few months ago.  I think it has become habit now because has had to read every night for school.