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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We had a good appointment

Iz's heart is sounding good--no murmurs or odd sounds.  Her blood pressure was excellent, best I've ever seen it--I think I may have slightly confused the nurse, though :p  They typically start taking blood pressures at three years old but I asked her to take Iz's bp as well and she froze for a moment LOL  I reminded her that Iz is a heart baby and blood pressure is important for her.  She thought Iz would scream and cry but nope, she's an expert at this stuff and held quite still and got her numbers on the first try.  She has also gained a bit more weight and is in at 26 pounds now and a little over 33 inches tall.

We do have a referral to go see orthopedics next month--I brought up my concerns about Iz's toe-walking and was told that it can be quite normal and they don't start worrying unless the problem persists after age three.  But the attending physician came to take a look at her and noticed she limps very slightly when she walks so he wants orthopedics to rule out a problem with ligaments or leg lengths.  So off we go next month (first available appointment) to have her checked out, just to be sure.

My busy little B is almost 34 and a half pounds and forty inches tall :)  He was very cooperative getting his weight and height and blood pressure and doing his vision screening.  He kept charming the nurses ;-)  They were very thorough going over our concerns and the concerns of his preschool teacher.  He is being referred to the Autism Center for an evaluation.  The social worker is tracking down which center is closest that takes our insurance so I should be hearing back from her in the next few days so I can set up the appointment.