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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moving forward

I am really liking the new pediatric practice :)  They listen to us, they take our concerns seriously, there is no telling us to just wait it out and see if it is outgrown.  I am hoping this level of concern is also there for Iz and B when they go in for their appointments later this month!

The very best thing?  Now that S has had his first meeting with the psychologist, WE HAVE REFERRALS!!!!!!!!  WOO-HOOOOO!  Who knew you could get so excited about medical referrals?  It was such a fight to get nowhere with the old pediatrician and here, they suggested referrals to do right now and another I asked for and they just handed it over :p  Well, they agreed with me that it would be helpful so they didn't just hand it over--it was justified ;-)  And they are doing all the legwork for insurance to figure out how to minimize our out-of-pocket expense (fingers crossed they get it to zero because I may have to stop eating just to pay for all this stuff........kidding kidding.....).

This post is all a jumble, isn't it?  Maybe I should stop writing and go dance with Iz or something :D