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Friday, June 21, 2013

Frohg! Frohg!

Houdini continues his disappearing reappearing act--when he can't be found, it doesn't even phase the kids :p  S tells me Houdini will come back when he gets hungry or needs to come up for air :p

The best part of Houdini's disappearing act, though, is Izzy's reaction when she can see him moving about in the tank.  Yesterday, she comes into the living room and sees him swimming across the tank and she screeches "FROHG!!!!!!  FROHG!!!!!" and runs over to the tank.  She then dances around and jumps up and down and is just so over-the-top-excited it is hysterical and oh-so-cute.  If he hadn't already been dubbed Houdini, I think he would be named Frohg (pronounced with the OH sound instead of the AH sound of regular frog).  It is pretty funny to see B try to correct Izzy's pronunciation :p  He knows frohg is wrong but he can't quite say it, either--his version is frot.  LOL  He'll get better at that g sound eventually :p