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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Charlotte NC

Unfortunately, the direct flights to our final destination in Texas were a tad bit expensive so we had a connecting flight in Charlotte, NC.  It was actually a good length for us--about two and a half hours.  Plenty of time to take some kids to the bathroom, to walk around a bit and stretch our legs, to grab some lunch, walk around some more :p

Even though the Charlotte airport looks very similar to the airport we had just left, the kids were still excited to be somewhere new, with many things to look at :)  We studied the map on the wall for a bit and talked about what we might like to eat for lunch that maybe would not cost too much of a small fortune and finally settled on a walk up our terminal and into one of the "hubs" where there was a Burger King.  We settled into a table and the kids attempted to amuse themselves while they waited for lunch.  Miss Iz, of course, could not hold still for a decent photo and this is the best of the bunch LOL  B was much more willing to hold still and even ham it up for the camera a little.  He told me a story about this dot of light on the table but I'm afraid I can't quite remember what it was.  He had fun telling it, though ;)  S, though, was tired and ready to be in Texas already ;)  Food in his belly brightened his outlook tremendously, though, and he was ready to fly again and told anyone who would listen that this would be his SIXTH airplane flight (four when he was Izzy's age, and the two from today).

 The second flight into San Antonio was a little rough, though.  I had hoped all three would do some sleeping on that leg of the journey since it was close to their bedtime but nope, none of them did.  The boys got tired of their movie and alternated between whining about wanting to get up and looking at the books they had brought.  I sure was glad to land, though.......