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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is it supposed to be a puzzle?

Dear Car Seat Manufacturers,

When you advertise that the car seat cover comes off for easy cleaning, I expect that the cover will come off easily.  I know the cleaning part is easy--you just pop it in the washer--and since most people now have a washer in which to throw aforementioned car seat cover, it seems silly for you to use the word easy to refer to the actual process of washing.  After all, your consumers are intelligent people.  So when you throw in the word "easy" referencing the removable car seat covers ability to be cleaned, I think you are referring to taking off the actual cover.  I would be and am wrong.

These car seat covers?  Not easy to remove.  At all.  As I navigated the world of unbuckling, unsnapping, unthreading, uncoupling, prying, and muttering at the seats under my breath, I began to think I was working on a puzzle instead of a car seat cover that removes for easy cleaning.  I do not look forward to the moment when they are all clean and dry and need to be reassembled.

At one point during the ordeal, I tried to justify leaving my children in a dirty car seat cover.  Surely once that apple juice dries, it will be no big deal!  They will be wearing pants when they get in the seat--those spots won't matter!  That sticky spot where someone dropped a sucker probably won't touch anyone's clothing........  Not too long afterward, I contemplated just buying new seats with bright shiny covers.

I did eventually get the covers off.  And I easily popped them in my washer where they are merrily agitating away and getting squeaky clean.  And I will put the puzzle back together and reinstall them in my van.  But no, the process of removing said covers so they can be cleaned is not "easy" and is not a positive selling point for your products.

Frustratingly yours,