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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's for breakfast?

My three little monkeys certainly are different when it comes to breakfast.  On a typical day, when we are in the midst of the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school, I have three little personalities vying for the routine they like best.

S does not really like breakfast all that much.  If he could, he would skip it completely and just eat brunch later.  This works on the weekend when he can lounge around a bit and then eat but on a school day?  Nope, no way--he needs to eat before school.  It used to be a bit of a battle to get food into him but I have found if I let him get his own, he will eat.  Maybe not a lot, but he will have something.  So I try to keep things on hand I know he can handle--cereal, homemade granola bars, yogurt, etc.  Every so often he will decide he wants something more substantial and will ask me to make him oatmeal or eggs.  On the weekends it is a different story--once he has a chance to wake up all the way, he is ready for anything and everything--french toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, whatever you are willing to cook for him.

B is a breakfast lover but not immediately after he gets up.  He wants to eat before S does but not too quickly :p  On school days, he typically skips breakfast here at home because he eats as soon as he gets to school.  On weekends, he plays for a bit and then tells me he is "hongray" and wants his food :p

Miss Iz is ready whenever you are.  First thing, after playtime, brunch, middle of the night, she is ready to eat ;)  Especially if you make her very favorite breakfast--scrambled eggs with ham chunks and cheese and a side of fresh fruit :)  When she sees me pull out the egg carton, she starts dancing.  When she sees the ham, she starts cheering. And when the fruit comes out, she starts demanding that we sit down and eat RIGHT NOW.  LOL.  She loves her food :)

What kinds of breakfast routines do you have?  Any favorite foods or recipes?  Any must-try dishes I can use to expand our breakfast horizons?