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Friday, March 8, 2013

Stop Growing! Stay my babies!

All three of these kids of mine are going through a growth spurt--every day is a nonstop eating fest and just the other day I noticed those pants are above the ankles on all three of them :p  I was giving B a bath and he wanted to take it in the little blue Ikea tub we bought for him as a baby and now use for Izzy--he used to be so tiny in it and now he is just this solid little man who doesn't fit anymore.  S has that long, lean, lanky boy look about him now.  No signs of the chubby cheeked baby I used to cuddle for hours.  And Miss Iz, with the spirit bigger than life, who never stops and is my daredevil, leaving babyhood behind and becoming a full-fledged toddler.  Sometimes you stop a moment and look around and just can't quite believe the time has passed you by.

I took the Littles shopping the other day to get longer pants.  B could care less and was only interested in whether or not I would let him look at toys and buy him a book (he chose one about about Thomas the Train).  Iz, however, at the tender age of not-quite-eighteen-months, has a definite opinion about what she likes and wants.  Apparently sparkles, purple, and butterflies are the winners :)  We were looking at dresses as well since she has outgrown most of the ones she had before the cold weather hit and I spotted a cute one, purple with a butterfly on it.  She reached for it, asked for it, demanded it, and threw an impressive screaming fit when I put it back on the rack because it was too small for her.  The bad news?  I am not a girly girl and she seems to be thinking about becoming one!  Of course, she still loves a good game of cars or trains so I still have some safe ground ;-)