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Friday, March 1, 2013

Help me entertain my children!

Not too far in the future, we have to take a trip.  This trip will involve a plane and a two and a half hour layover.  Fun times.  I imagine there will be a lot of time to fill--at our local airport, they recommend you arrive two hours before your flight to ensure you make it through check-in and security with enough time to find your gate.  Usually that means I have over an hour to kill before we board but I'd rather that than miss the flight because a few times I have been in that hour security line!  Then we have the time on the flight, the layover, another flight.  And its the same setup on the way home.

So spam me with your favorite kid apps for the Ipad!  I like free but will buy some if you have a super great fantastic must have app :p  For a good portion of our trip we will be without internet access so apps that do not need to reconnect to use would be awesome :)

Share, please!  And, hey, if you have anything fun for me, share that, too--you never know, they might all three fall asleep and I can play instead :p