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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I need to stay healthy

Things around here are so much smoother when I am not sick!  I have had back to back viruses and each one is taking longer and longer to kick.  I have been sick pretty much nonstop since December :/  I am really really really tired of it and ready to be healthy again!  At the moment, I am on yet another batch of medications and they seem to be helping--I have been feeling a bit better and while not completely well yet, I am more able to act like I am.  I am slowly catching up on the household things that fell to the wayside when just walking to the bathroom left me too exhausted to do anything and I am getting back into doing more cooking instead of grabbing them quick things so I could lay back down.

Of course, I would bet my oldest two children would tell you that things are much more fun when Mom is sick.  They get to watch tv and play video games and sometimes they even get to skip homework because Mommy is too sick to help them do it :p  All those kid things that seem so much more important than chores and homework and stuff, right?  But I know that when we are in our more normal routines, things are quieter and calmer and nicer.  The kids get playtime and reading time and a cartoon is the thing that they might get once their homework and chores are done; the only reason I use the word might is because often they are too busy with imaginative play to take the time for a cartoon.  I like it that way :)  Oh, sure, we have those times when we take some time off and just veg and watch cartoons and movies and cuddle and eat popcorn but I prefer to make those a "special" event.  I remember as a kid, my family was always watching tv.  I wanted to go to the park or play board games or go for a walk or read but the tv was always going.  And I'll admit sometimes I have it on for background noise and watch while I do other things--but that is usually when the kids are asleep or outside or at school.

What kinds of routines do you guys have when it comes to the kids?  TV rules?  Chores?  Anything that works better than others?   Sharing ideas is always a good idea :D