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Monday, March 11, 2013

More dilated eyes......

It seems this winter is the season of the eye exam.  S got glasses, Iz got her eyes examined, their Dad got new glasses, and today B got his first eye exam.  For the most part, he thought it was great fun.  He got to sit in the magic chair that went up and down, he played games with the tech and the doctor, he got to show off his skills at identifying pictures and made them laugh with his descriptions of the pictures (the cake with candles he called "birthday!", the bird was either a "cheep cheep" or a "burr", the car was a "guy on bike", etc.).  The only part he did not like was getting his eyes dilated so the doctor could get a good look at them.

He did okay getting the drops in until the very last one and he fussed a little over that one.  But he did hold still and let the gal get the drop in so at least he didn't dissolve into kicking and screaming and crying :p  And he kept trying to rub the drops out of his eyes so I had to watch him like a hawk and keep reminding him not to rub.  He did NOT like the way the drops made his eyes feel, at all, and kept telling me it made his eye hurt :(  He went to sleep in the car after we left, though, so at least he was comfortable while the drops wore off.  I would give you a giant eye picture the way I did with Izzy but he would not hold still for one :p

The good news is that B's prescription is very low and so he does not need to wear glasses right now.  Plus he has a small chance of not needing them later (probably not, though--genetics are not on his side).  He is cleared for two years and then goes back for another check :)