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Monday, March 18, 2013

San Antonio

The kids were so happy to land in San Antonio and get off the plane and stretch their legs.  I think Iz fell asleep within minutes of being strapped into her stroller and she pretty much slept until we left the airport to get on the car rental shuttle.  The boys were ready for bed and quite put out when we made them sit down and wait while their Dad went in search of a luggage cart to schlep all our car seats and carry ons down to baggage claim to collect our checked luggage.  They look quite exhausted and over traveling in these photos, don't they?  B started out feeling defiant, with that little fist on his hip, as he tells me he doesn't want to sit down.  He points to tell me he wants to go.  And then he starts to nod off LOL  The nodding off part didn't last long!  He was up and at them as we walked through the airport to baggage claim and went off in search of our car rental.

The shuttle bus was a hit.  No matter how many times they ride on a bus of some sort, it is still exciting :)

While we were waiting for our car, it was glorious to sit outside and listen to the wind rustle in the trees and feel the warmth on our cheeks.  It was a little chilly but we did not need our coats.  We had left the cold and arrived at warmth.  We sat on a little bench outside the car rental office and enjoyed watching these trees.  Well, the boys also had fun watching the traffic as we were near a highway as well but I enjoyed the trees ;) 

Even though it was quite late by this time (well, for us, since bedtime had passed and our bodies were still on eastern time.  The hour difference for central does make a difference to me and the kids LOL), we went to visit the San Antonio branch of the family, my sister-in-law.  B slept on her couch the entire time, S was shy and barely looked anyone in the eye, and Iz made herself at home and got into anything she could.  On the car ride back to the hotel, though, everyone was sound asleep, and when we woke them to go inside, they trudged upstairs and then went right to bed.  I really wish bedtime was that easy every night ;)