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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What shall I feed these children?

What shall I feed these children? is a pretty common question around here.  With three underfoot and so many things to do (appointments, school runs, homework, playtime, reading, playgrounds, etc), we sometimes fall into a rut of eating the same basic things over and over and I know I sure do get bored :p  Occasionally, I get a little extra time and make something up--sometimes it is a hit, sometimes not.  Today, I have a hit--I need to save this "recipe" so I can recreate it when it strikes us to have it again!

I guess you could call this spinach and chicken pockets :)

I used the biscuit recipe found here and it came out really well!  Nice flavor, fluffy, the kids really liked it.  I rolled the dough out extra thin before cutting out my rounds and then I rolled the rounds out even more to make a slightly bigger "biscuit".  Once the bottom biscuit had the filling, I put another round on top and rolled/pinched the edges to make the pocket.  Because I had rolled the dough out extra thin, the two biscuit rounds make up the equivalent of one biscuit per serving.

For the filling, I started off with this creamed spinach recipe.  My kids like the flavor of this to be a little stronger so I usually double the garlic and nutmeg.  I sauteed some cubed chicken in a little olive oil and some onion, garlic, and pepper and then mixed it in with the spinach along with some shredded cheddar (my kids love the addition of cheddar to the spinach.  In fact, their favorite way to eat it is if I take the spinach and put it in a baking dish, top with cheddar and bake it so they can eat it as a dip with tortilla chips).

Once the biscuits were stuffed, I baked in a 350 degree oven for about fifteen minutes until golden brown on top.  I had more stuffing than room in the biscuits so I also baked the extra stuffing in a small pan until it, too, was bubbly and golden brown on top and the husband and I had a little extra chicken and spinach without the biscuit ;)